EMOTIVA EPM-2150 Amplifier Module

Model: EPM-2150Mod
Year: NA
Price: NA
Class: H
Channels: 2
Power 8 Ohm All Channels Driven: 90W
Power 4 Ohm All Channels Driven: 125W
Power Bandwidth: +/-0.25dB
Frequency Response: 10Hz-100kHz(-3dB)
THD: <.003%
SN Ratio 1W: NA
SN Ratio Full: NA
Damping: >300
Crosstalk: >90
TransformerVA: 350/ch
Capacitance: 48,000
Input Sensitivity: NA
Input Impedance Unbal/Bal: 20
Gain: NA
Adjustable Gain: No
Power Requirements: NA
Connections: XLR/RCA
Trigger: NA
LED Meters: NA
2 Ohm Capable: Yes
Output Devices: NA
Fans: NA
Weight: NA
Width: NA
Height: NA
Depth: NA
Rack Size: NA
Topology: Monoblock module for MPS

The Emotiva EPM-2150 is a stereo module for the MPS-1 and MPS-2 multichannel amplifiers. It has it's own power supply... a massive toroidal transformer and is of Class H design Topology; it delivers 90 Watts into an 8 Ohms load, and 125 Watts into 4 Ohms.
On the back, the module sports RCA gold-platted and XLR ballanced inputs, as well as a 12 V trigger connector.

  • Completely stable into 2 ohm loads
  • Each channel features independent 350VA, low noise toroid power transformers
  • High efficiency Class H power amplifier design, minimizes power losses and allows cool and efficient operation
  • Balanced XLR and RCA inputs
  • Active anti-clipping circuitry
  • 1% metal film resistors
  • 105 degree C rated capacitors
  • IEC power inlet, 120/230 VAC user configurable on modules