Model: IPS-1
Year: NA
Price: $1199
Class: H
Channels: 7
Power 8 Ohm All Channels Driven: 150W
Power 4 Ohm All Channels Driven: 200W
Power Bandwidth: +/-0.1dB
Frequency Response: 10Hz-100kHz(-3dB)
THD: <.015%
SN Ratio 1W: NA
SN Ratio Full: >115dB
Damping: >300
Crosstalk: >120
TransformerVA: 250/ch
Capacitance: NA
Input Sensitivity: NA
Input Impedance Unbal/Bal: NA
Gain: NA
Adjustable Gain: No
Power Requirements: 15A
Connections: RCA
Trigger: 5-24V/DC
LED Meters: No
2 Ohm Capable: Yes
Output Devices: NA
Fans: NA
Weight: 81
Width: 17
Height: 5.87
Depth: 17.5
Rack Size: 3U
Topology: Multiple monoblock

This high tech amplifier features the same cutting edge Class H design and minimalist approach in the signal path. With an unbelievable 120dB of separation between channels, low THD, and servo controlled DC offset, there’s no chance of any adjacent channel information mingling with your front or center channels. The lack of transient "smearing" in your music or movies helps to envelope you in the listening experience and reduces listening fatigue.
What does it sound like? IPS-1 is a very neutral sounding amp with virtually no coloration of its own. It has a smooth, extended and detailed top end without artificial “etching” of the high frequencies. High damping factor provides excellent driver control and unparalleled low frequency authority and extension. Exceptional dynamics round out this impressive amplifier.

  • Completely stable into 2 ohm loads
  • Each channel features independent 250VA, low noise toroid power transformers w/ high speed rectifiers and low ESR 105°C filter capacitors
  • High efficiency Class H power amplifier design, minimizes power losses and allows cool and efficient operation
  • Complementary, discrete power amplifier design incorporating high current, high speed, Toshiba power devices
  • Silent turn on/off - No audible transients
  • Crosstalk between ANY two channels – greater than 120dB
  • All aluminum capacitors are premium quality, low ESR, 105°C rated for high reliability and performance
  • Doubled sided, plate through, glass epoxy, FR4 PCB’s used throughout with 2 ounce poured copper on all power sections and ground planes
  • Individual channel status indicators for standby, operate, and fault behind tinted acrylic panel
  • Fully protected from all fault conditions
  • Soft start circuitry
  • Signal sensing auto turn-on or remote 12 VDC trigger
  • 3RU chassis w/ solid milled aluminum faceplate
  • IEC power inlet, 120/230 VAC user configurable