Model: LPA-1
Year: NA
Price: $499
Class: A/B
Channels: 7
Power 8 Ohm All Channels Driven: 5c125W/2c50W
Power 4 Ohm All Channels Driven: 5c225W/2c59W
Power Bandwidth: +/-0.1dB
Frequency Response: 10Hz-100kHz(-1dB)
THD: 5c<.04%/2c<.52%
SN Ratio 1W: NA
SN Ratio Full: >100dB
Damping: ~200
Crosstalk: >75
TransformerVA: 1,200
Capacitance: NA
Input Sensitivity: NA
Input Impedance Unbal/Bal: NA
Gain: NA
Adjustable Gain: No
Power Requirements: 15A
Connections: RCA
Trigger: 3-12V/DC
LED Meters: No
2 Ohm Capable: No
Output Devices: NA
Fans: NA
Weight: 63
Width: 17
Height: 7.75
Depth: 19
Rack Size: 4U
Topology: Discrete, dual differential class

The LPA-1 will unleash the potential of your speakers and really let them perform. With higher power reserves available, demanding scenes in your favorite films and music will no longer be limited and compressed. Even if you are not aware that this is happening now, you will immediately notice its absence.
The integrated power amplifier modules are fully discrete and utilize high current, high speed, Toshiba power devices. The LPA-1 is rated for 125 watts x 5 channels + 2 x 50 watts into 8 ohms. It is rated at 225 watts x 5 channels + 95 watts x 2 at four ohms.

  • Discrete, dual differential class AB amplifier topology with active current sources
  • Six 125 watt channels of amplification (one channel configurable for two channel operation)
  • Massive low noise toroidal power transformer
  • Complementary, discrete power amplifier design incorporating high current, high speed, Toshiba power devices
  • Channel status indicators for standby, operate, and fault
  • Configurable power output as follows: 125 watts/8 ohms x 6 channels or 125 watts/8 ohms x 5 channels plus 2 x 50 watts/8 ohms x 2 channels
  • Completely stable into 4 ohm loads
  • External Trigger: 3-12 Volts DC (tip positive)
  • Fully protected from all fault conditions
  • Soft start circuitry
  • External trigger turn on
  • Soft touch power switch
  • 5RU chassis w/ solid milled aluminum faceplate
  • IEC power inlet, 120/230 VAC configurable