Model: MPS-1
Year: 2007
Price: $1699
Class: H
Channels: 1-14
Power 8 Ohm All Channels Driven: NA
Power 4 Ohm All Channels Driven: NA
Power Bandwidth: NA
Frequency Response: NA
SN Ratio 1W: NA
SN Ratio Full: NA
Damping: NA
Crosstalk: NA
TransformerVA: NA
Capacitance: NA
Input Sensitivity: NA
Input Impedance Unbal/Bal: NA
Gain: NA
Adjustable Gain: NA
Power Requirements: 15A
Connections: NA
Trigger: 5-24V/DC
LED Meters: No
2 Ohm Capable: NA
Output Devices: NA
Fans: Yes
Weight: 115
Width: 17
Height: 7.62
Depth: 19.12
Rack Size: 4U
Topology: Multiple monoblock design

The Emotiva MPS-1 is perfect for any size home theater/music system. Its unique design is completely modular. Each power amp module contains its own 350VA Toroidal transformer with high speed rectifiers, 4 x 12,000uF 105°C rated capacitors and a fan cooled heat sink. The modular mono block design essentially eliminates crosstalk; it’s greater than 120dB across any two channels. You will see performance of 200 watts per channel at 8 ohms, 300w/ch @ 4 ohms and 400w/ch @ 2 ohms! This power amp utilizes a Class H topology for high efficiency and minimal heat generation.
The MPS-1 is a very neutral sounding amp with no coloration of its own. It has a smooth, extended and detailed top end without artificial “etching” of the high frequencies.

  • True card cage design can accommodate up to seven 200 watt (@8 ohms) mono block power modules - power modules glide in and out on Nylon rails
  • 200 watt power modules feature independent 350VA low noise toroid power transformers w/ high speed rectifiers and low ESR 105°C power supply capacitors
  • High efficiency Class H power amplifier design, minimizes power losses and allows cool operation
  • Complementary, discrete power amplifier design incorporating high current, high speed, Toshiba power devices
  • Truly transparent, integrated soft clip circuitry
  • Balanced XLR and RCA inputs
  • Channel status indicators for standby, operate, and fault
  • Fully protected from all fault conditions with ultra quiet, module mounted, fan assisted cooling for severe duty cycle applications
  • Soft start circuitry. Silent turn on/off - No audible transients
  • Signal sensing auto turn on or remote trigger Soft touch power switch
  • All aluminum capacitors are premium quality, low ESR, 105°C rated for high reliability and performance
  • Doubled sided, plate through, glass epoxy, FR4 PCB’s used throughout with 2 ounce poured copper on all power sections and ground planes
  • Modules are designed for field replacement with the removal of four screws
  • 4RU chassis with floating multi-element, milled aluminum faceplate. Indirect cobalt blue illumination of all controls and main panel
  • Black lacquered, piano finished wood side panels are included, as are milled aluminum rack ears for professional installations
  • Massive, multi element milled aluminum faceplate with "floating” wing detail – indirect, cobalt blue panel illumination with panel dimmer
  • IEC power inlet, 120/230 VAC user configurable on modules