Model: UPA-200
Year: 2012
Price: $349
Class: A/B
Channels: 2
Power 8 Ohm All Channels Driven: 125W
Power 4 Ohm All Channels Driven: 200W
Power Bandwidth: +/-0.1dB
Frequency Response: 5Hz-80kHz(+0/-2dB)
THD: <.03%THD+Noise
SN Ratio 1W: >92dB
SN Ratio Full: >106dB
Damping: >500
Crosstalk: NA
TransformerVA: 350
Capacitance: 40,000
Input Sensitivity: 1.1
Input Impedance Unbal/Bal: 47
Gain: 29dB
Adjustable Gain: No
Power Requirements: 15A
Connections: RCA
Trigger: 5-20V/ACorDC/<10mA
LED Meters: No
2 Ohm Capable: No4OhmMin
Output Devices: NA
Fans: Yes
Weight: 24
Width: 17
Height: 3.87
Depth: 16.5
Rack Size: 2U
Topology: Fully discrete, dual differential

The UPA-200 has all of the qualities you’d expect in a high performance, stereo power amplifier - and much more. An oversized toroidal power supply with plenty of storage reserves, wide flat frequency response, remarkably low noise and distortion, bulletproof protection, and heavy-duty construction are all classic Emotiva traits. Like all of our power amps, it’s rated to provide full power under all conditions with all channels driven. It is also perfectly capable of driving difficult loudspeakers with ease.
The UPA-200’s understated styling ensures that is will blend flawlessly with any room décor, and it’s an exact match for your other Emotiva gear.

  • Advanced engineering with SMD gain blocks.
  • Wideband, short signal path, class A/B design topology.
  • Top quality parts and construction.
  • Real power easily drives complex loads.
  • Heavy-duty power supply with oversized toroidal transformer.
  • Gold plated five way binding post speaker terminals.
  • Gold plated RCA input terminals.
  • Classic Emotiva styling with rugged solid steel chassis.
  • 15mm solid milled aluminum faceplate.
  • Channel status LED’s. (which can be disabled in stealth mode).
  • Remote trigger input and output.
  • 115 VAC or 230 VAC with automatic detection and switching.
  • Full protection from all common input and output fault conditions.